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no.1.> A1200rev1.d/2mbchip/blizard1230-iv/RC030@50mhz(nofpu)8mb 60ns edo/5.1gb ide/3.0roms (have 3.1 roms but cant get them to work so softkicking 3.1 (legally ) Kingston PC2T (ithink) pcmcia ethernet, squirrel scsi, ibm scsi cdrom, ide-dvd/cdrw (doesnt read dvd's but thats the faulty drive not the software). in big red AT tower case, 200watt at psu, roctec external df1:, cumana external df2: more mods to come.

no.2>A600HD (nohdd) df0:, 1mb. need a 2.5" hdd for this one.
no.3>A600 (no drives - fitting a 3.5" ide 1.2gb in the floppy bay instead, and routing df0: to the external floppy connector.
no.4>A600 (no drives) - plan to turn this into an AmiMPC when funds allow
no.5>A500+ 1MB,DF0:, revision 8a (cracked the FACTORY seals on it this last week
Plan on fitting this into a desktop ATX case and modding it.
no.6>A500, 1MB (expansion slot 512k upgrade.) unable to open it cos i cant find my torx screwdrive, 1.3 roms.

quick question, has anyone ever clocked a blizzard 1230-IV to 66mhz successfully? i was thinking about doing this sometime in the next few weeks, as i used to have a A2000 rev b that had a gvp 030 card in, that i fitted a 25mhz fpu (overclocked to 50mhz with a socket 7 heatsink and fan glued to it). (it was stable, but never used it for prolonged fpu math.....)
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