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Got my first Amiga in 1990 as a christmas gift, it was a plain A500 which I upgraded to 1mb.
Started with commodore stuff back in 1986 when I got a C64, the "fat" model.
Later on, just before I got the miggy I switched to the slim model of the C64 and a disk drive.
Sadly I sold my A500 in 1993 with my Philips CM8833-II monitor.
Due to strong nostalgic reasons I bought an A600 3 years ago from a friend at work and that started it all now I own these Amigas:

-A600, MTEC 630 @42mhz, 2mb chip, 8mb fast ram, 3.1 rom, 1.2gig Toshiba HDD, OS3.9
-A500+. GVP A530 @40mhz, 2mb chip, 8mb fast ram, 3.1 rom, 120mb Maxtor SCSI HDD (the original HDD!), OS3.1
-A1200D, Blizzard 1260 @50mhz, 2mb chip, 32mb fast ram, 3.1 rom, 2.1gig Seagate HDD, OS3.9
-A3000D, stock 030 @25mhz, 2mb chip, 4mb fast ram, 3.1 rom, 4.3gig Seagate SCSI HDD, OS3.1, CV3D GFX Card

And I use these monitors: Philips 105B 15inch, Philips CM8833-II, NEC Multisync 3D 15inch
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