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A500+ 2mb chip with GVP A530 40mhz, 8mb fast ram, 3.1 rom, 120mb SCSI HDD, OS3.1

A600 2mb chip with MTEC 630 42mhz, 8mb fast ram, 3.1 rom, 1.2 gig Toshiba HDD, OS3.9

A1200D 2mb chip with Blizzard 1260 50mhz, 32mb fast ram, 3.1 rom, 2.1 gig Seagate HDD, OS3.9

A3000 2mb chip with stock 030 25mhz CPU, 4mb fast ram, 3.1 rom, CV3D gfx card, Seagate 4.3gig SCSI HDD, OS3.1
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