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Hi Again.

> This uae.device is a filesystem handler of some sort, i'm not
> exactly sure what it's used for.

Oh, thanks for looking into it for me anyway.

> Whatever it is i don't think it's to do with Piccaso,
> check your startup-sequence and mountlist and remove any
> references to uae.device.

I can't find any reference to it anywhere.
(Allthough I am not a Miggy expert.)

> Stupid question, but did you remember to save your new
> screen mode prefs?

Not at all!
Yes I did.

> check to see that the settings file is not set to read-only.

I just remembered to check this out after my last post.
They were set to read-only. However, after resetting them
there has been no change.

I was hoping that installing 'boing bag 1' would help.
But I can't even install that!!

Thanks for hanging around.
I think I will sleep on this.

Thanks for your input 'Amigaboy' aswell.
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