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CD32 emulation

Don't know if this is the right group, but I tried to use the cd32 emulator on idefix, on the miggy 1200. I can get it to load the game but it has no music on even though my speakers are connected to my cd-rom drive, and it crashes after the intro. I have a a1200 with a blizzard 1230-IV turbo board which has 32mb of memory, and a ide cd-rom drive, which has o.s 3.9 installed.

I've turned the accelerator board off and booted up the cd32 emulator from floppy disk, still does the same. I've also tried a utility called cdboot which won't install on my sys: drive because my drive is so big its coming out with a negative number, and tells me I don't have the room on the drive. Can someone please advise me what to do. The cd32 games I've tried are Lotus trilogy, Pinball Fantasys, and roadkill.
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