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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT
I think Blackhawk screwed up the trainer in ARIV, so I wouldn't bother with it. There is a PRO version released later, more flakey but the trainer commands work and the AR is relocatable.
Yeah the version I normally use is the ARIV-Beta. I got that from amiga nostalgia, and comes with 2 versions, a FAST RAM, and a CHIP RAM. This version is the one where the Trainer does not work.

I got ARIV-PRO from aminet, but seem to have more problems with that then the BETA Version. It seems to keep on crashing my amiga. Ie i activate it.

ar-pro ?

it brings up the custom screen and the install option.

I set my values, and then click on 'Install'

It installs to memory, but when I exit to the system, the Install Options screen is all fuzzy, I quit to DOS. and the screen is repaired.

But when I jump back into the ARIV, the ARIV screen is now stuffed up. (And no i'm not using the VGA screen mode.). I always used to have problems with this version =[.
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