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Thanks for your reply.

I've now got the intro, the main menu and highscore display programs merged but there's no way I can merge this program and the main game program - it's much to big!

All communication between the menu and the game is done by saving an small options file (.inf) on the disk and a which game to load file (I've used a slots system so this file is only 1 digit in length and is saved as an indicator in ram. If the file doesn't exist or equals 0 then a new game is required). Also, the high scores are saved as a simple text file on the disk.

Now, all I need to do is boot with the intro/menu program (which it does with no problems) and this program has to call the main game (which I can't get it to do at all!). When the game is finished it needs to call the intro/menu program.

I've done this before but then I used the RAMOS system. This was basically a disk that contained all the amos libraries but no editor. When booted it automatically loads and runs a program, interpreting it on the fly. You take quite a speed hit in doing this though and this program I'm working on now needs all the speed I can get! Also a RAMOS disk uses amos 1.3 and I'm using specific 2.x procedures.

Re: AMOS - I got into amos quite by accident. I'd only dabbled a little before with Amstrad CPC basic. Then Amos 1.3 came free with Amiga Format and I thought I'd give it a try. It was very similar in the way it worked to the Amstrad and I just simply became hooked. It's quite surprising what you can do with it with a bit of ingenuity and it's actually a real challenge. Also, a compiled Amos program runs rather fast!

I even wrote a windowing system that works great and more importantly damn fast! It was just a proof of concept because I was bet it couldn't be done! Here's a couple of screen shots of it...

I learnt a lot from this program about things like stacks, timers, interrupts and priorities. I've implemented the windows system in a new program I've started...

Why waste time doing this though? Well, for me it's a great way to while away a couple of hours making Amos do things it isn't supposed to be able to do!
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