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At the moment the GAEB community is very very active at the Hopefully the community can return back to normality and activity without being attacked in the future. In the last days more than 60 users returned to the board and they are very active ... so the GAEB is still alive. Thx to the community for being so supportive! I hope that most of the old members will visit the board to give the community another chance ... and I´m very thankful to the EAB community which made communication after the shutdown of the board easier ...

Right now (24-10-04) the community made mor than 1200 posts offtopic and amiga-related and at noon i saw 12 active users. That´s great! A lot of old members came back ... for good.

(27-10-04) ps: the actual board of the "german amiga community" former known as prince ... nope sorry ... "german amiga emulation board" or "german amiga board" can be found here

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