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do you need to copy data from one program to the other ???, ie say you set options in the "main menu". And you need these options in the "main game", i'm guessing you do?

If you do, you could try saving the data in a file in Ram:, and then reading the file in the next program.

But if you need to just execute the program, in dos.library I think there is _LVOExecute, and it executes the program.

But I guess this could be a problem as the origional may still be open and running when you execute the new program.

If this is the case, the new program could therefore send a port back to the first program that is running and it will then close.

I think UFO enemy unknown, works the way you want your program does. I hope some of this info maybe useful. I've never touched AMOS, just Assembler, and a bit of C, dropped E/Blitz Basic
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