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Amiga Demoscene Archive: new productions and logos

z5 at amigaworld posts: "At Amiga Demoscene Archive, new productions are still added on a very regular base, bringing the total amout of productions to 417. Latest additions include:

- The hunt for 7th october / Cryptoburners
- Memorial songs / Alcatraz
- Memorial songs 2 / Razor 1911
- Sound garden / Anadune
- Superdrug / Loonies
- Galerie re-mix / Stellar
- Tourbus 31 / DCS
- Touching / Nah Kolor

On top of that, the logo gallery is really starting to take off, with 16 new logos added in the last week, bringing the total amount up to 83 fantastic logos, with many more planned.

We are always searching for logos from the demoscene, preferably in original iff format, so if you have high quality logos on your hd, don't hesitate to send them in."

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