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[QUOTE]Originally posted by ┬žane
[B]' "Please read the "Licence Conditions" '

Hi again.

> Around this point a sound will play and cause WinUAE to
> lockup as you described.


> 3. Set the sound emulation to 100%, although i haven't
> tried this method.

That did the trick, and got OS3.9 installed, thanks.

However, (Don't you just hate 'However's':)
Each time I launch 'Amiga Forever' (OS3.9)
WB want start in the last saved screen mode
and I get the following error messages:

Cache CDFS
Cannot open "uae.device" unit 4

I have done a search for this "uae.device"
and cannot find it.

I also installed AIAB to see if that
had a "uae.device", but couldn't find one.

when I click on 'Abort', OS3.9 boots in default
4 colour mode and doesn't fill the screen.

System request
Intuition is attempting to reset the Workbench

I just close this request.

When OS3.9 is loaded I then change the screen mode
to what i want and everything is hunky-dory
(I think). Oh, I am using the latest rtg.library.

Comments please.
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