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Webmaster wanted for "AMI Sector One"!


Due to time time issues I am looking for a person who would be willing to continue my site „Ami Sector One“ (
I try to outline the most important jobs:
- restructuring of the games section, i.e. removing any games which are not related to Electronic Arts or one of its sub companies.
- as a result adding the missing EA games and related material. E.g. CAPS releases would be fine.
- the above two steps also apply to the apps section.
- rebuilding the search engine. You would get my own created DB with 5300 Amiga games entries.
- updating of other sections including hyperlinks.
- rebuild of the site in PHP or make it more efficient in another way (if wanted and if experienced enough)
- replying to site visitors questions

To get the job you should be able to use Dreamweaver (that is the program I have used so far for keeping it up), have basic knowledge of using ftp servers (file permissions, installing scripts) and of course speak the English language.
Of course I can’t offer any expense refund or other financial compensation. These kind of sites have to be run on a non-profit philosophy and your motivation would be the Amiga spirit, communication with people or anything else you can think of.

If interested contact me at and/or write a reply to this posting if there are further questions.

Thanks for your attention.
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