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Originally Posted by manicx
Dr Spy: My good ST pal and later Amiga mate. Dropped his Amiga for a SGI and started his own computer grpahics business. He apparently got bored and became a farmer that grows mushrooms... Will visit him in the mountains of western Greece next week.

Elias: My KO2 partner for 2 years. When I left Greece, he got bored and exchanged his A500+ for a video! He still misses the good old days. Met his last year and had a few KO2 matches with him.

Marcello: The man who introduced me to the Amiga and Kick Off. He still has his Amiga 500 from 86 but last time I saw his Amiga there was a cockroach stuck in the floppy drive.

Alkis21: Yes, the Alkis21 that is in the EAB forums. He is more busy these days since he's got a job and lives with his girlfriend.
Theleis na ginoume filoi??? LOL!
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