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In fact the admin of the German Amiga Emulation Board decided that he could better live without its users, so he shut down the board for every visitor. There was no possible discussion ... and right now there is a discussion in the german emulation board, which looks quite different than this thread here. Every time wk was pissed off, the board was closed down. In the last weeks less and less members visited the board, because of personal discussions with the admin. In a short sentence ... our admin wasn´t able to cope with the pressure and to cooperate with its users, so he decided to change the board into a portal, abandon its users and try to ignore a discussion to save the board. Running amok and accusing members, who normally try to find a peaceful solution is not fair. There where a lot of users who thanked Wk for its good work, but this seemd to mean nothing. I am very sorry about the fact that it´s all about personal interests, power and ego-tripping!
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