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I did NOT overtake ANYTHING !!!!

We talk about not letting the community down, I don´t even care about the name, I only still call it GAEB, because all other Users then know what I´m talking about !!!

I did NOT make any decision to use ANY old Backup of the old GAEB, that was someone different, guess you know that ! And btw., who do you think you are to discriminate me in personal, without knowing anything about that thing !!! I got all mails here, I got all conversations saved and I did NEVER EVER try to overtake YOUR OLD BOARD, goddamnit !!!

The naming thing wasn´t even discussed yet !!!! The only reason because I took the name GAEB2 for was to let the people know what it was : An temporary help forum when GAEB was down/offline .....

So DON´T EVER accuse me again of things that I haven´t even considered to do .....
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