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Originally Posted by alkis21
There are some errors in your list. All ICOM adventures you have listed (Deja Vu 1&2, Shadowgate, Uninvited) plus Plan 9 from Outer Space are not text & graphics; they're pure point & clicks, no text. Uninvited is my favorite of the list, but if you're really after a good & challenging graphics & text adventure, go for Wonderland.
thanks for the suggestion mate;
i knew about the errors when i compiled the list (most of them) but simply i found not much important to be precise; moreover some of them, like Deja Vu do appears as text+graphic in HOL; what i did wrong instead it is to divide games that were in the same story line and released as compilation, as Silicon Dreams. The one you are pergectly right is Plan 9, wich i added as wrong and voted so to have the results of my poll displayed when i open the thread
and it is also the game that i've started to play while waiting for your suggestions and votes.

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You see my poll is just plainly more interestin of yours! it is just so much debatable and uhm, i mean textual... moreover i'm more handsome than you so just kowtow to me and maybe next time on IRC i'll show you some regard

edit: i can't even start to amend the english mess of the above lines, i'm kidding at FWW, wich great and interesting collection of yearling games you can findin this same section of the board

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