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I used OS 3.9 with native TCP/IP on a A4000/060 with the Algor card with a NIC & Amiga Explorer on a Win2000 box, both connected to a hub (since I use the Internet connection aswell on the PC), and with some experimenting with subnets etc I succeeded making the PC talk to the Amiga. You needed to start a little client tool on the Amiga from the AExplorer CD to make it work. I haven't tried to make the Amiga use the internet connection since surfing on Amiga is rather pointless if you have a PC beast next to it!
About 200KB/s is the max I got out of it, not much but since Amiga files are small it's not such a nuisance to me. If you really need big transfers I recommend using a JAZ drive or a CD writer on the Amiga and put the written media then on your PC!
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