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Ethernet connection Amiga-PC. How to transfer files using Amiga Explorer??

Ethernet connection Amiga-PC. How to transfer files using Amiga Explorer??

Can anybody help me, please?

After several hours of work and frustration I have managed it to install an ethernet-connection between my Amiga 1200 (WB 3.1) and my PC (Windows 98). On Amigaside, I use "Miami Deluxe" for initializing the TCP/IP-protocol. When I switch to "online" mode via Miami Deluxe, the "ping"-command on PC-side tells me that the IP of my amiga is ok (data packages can be sent and received). As far so good.

Now I want to transfer files between both computers. I think the "Amiga Explorer" seems to be a good solution, but I have problems installing it:

Searching on the Amiga-Explorer webside ( ), I only found the setup-File for the Windows OS, which I have installed. But when I click on the appearing "Amiga Explorer"-icon in the Windows-Explorer (being in online-mode on Amigaside), I just get the message "Error connecting with the Amiga server: TCP/IP socket not found / Please make sure that Amiga Explorer 2.1 or higher is running on the amiga, and that both sides are configured properly". Although I typed in the correct Amiga IP-number before - As I told you, "ping" can find the Amiga with this IP address :-/

My question is now:

Do I really have to install an Amiga Explorer-server on the Amiga side when I use a TCP/IP (!) connection? I thought that this step is only necessary when I use a serial connection?! And if so, where can I download this amiga-server software from? On the Amiga Explorer Homepage I just found the setup-file for the Windows OS/PC side. And the aminet only provides a strange kind of update file :-(

I would be thankful for any helping answers.
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