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Originally posted by Shadowfire
...It is not proof that Windows is built on DOS - that era ended with Windows 3.X...
I am no PC/Windows techie, so I am probably not qualified to argue this. But what is all of that DOS shit going on when the system boots up? The loading of drivers, the DOS screen, etc. - isn't that DOS? Or is it an emulator? It just looks like DOS going through its usual motions to me, and then Windows loads up after the fact. Am I missing something here?

Finally, if they were to release a Workbench today for the PC that was competitive with Windows, it would BE Windows. It would be saddled with having to deal with all sorts of different hardware, or it would only work on boxes built by Amiga Inc. (which would cost 3x as much as a normal PC, and the only thing you could upgrade would be the processor or memory).
Lame arguement. Windows in itself has to deal with all sorts of hardware, so yes, a PC Workbench would have the same issues to deal with. And yes, it would cost 3X(ish) more because it doesn't have the built in numbers of users that the current model does. A given. But the whole arguement misses the boat. Workbench works with a different processor and architecture. They were created to work together. It's unfair to compare that functionality with how it would/could function in a PC box because the Workbench would not be Workbench anymore if it had to cater to a PC and all existing software which was written for Windows. You could make the same remarks about any and every other non-PC OS.

And if you crave stability, stop running all those beta programs & device drivers-
The SBLive! still can have issues under Windows 2000.
It appears everything doesn't function perfectly under Windows 2000, despite previous reports. Is SBLive! beta, too?

Although I haven't quoted your big DON'T DO list of things to not do in the quest for stability, it hardly adheres to your previous PC stability comments. Of course, none of it is Windows problems. How is a PC user supposed to know all of the DO's and DON'T's of what hardware and software will magically make Windows happy? You dismiss away USB compatibility issues as 'growing pains', which seems all nice and tidy, but if it were an issue on the Amiga, I'm sure it wouldn't be treated with such a kind assessment from you. Is USB hardware the culprit?

Finally (yes!), not only beta software hoses memory. It's not as if programmers say "OK, it's sure to chew up the memory until the final version, then we can clean up behind ourselves..." Any software at any time can mishandle memory. Likewise, beta software can also handle memory properly if it is coded that way. As you said earlier, bad code is bad code. The beta flag does not mean: we trash your memory.
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