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Originally Posted by Shoonay
The DOS disk can be easly fixed with my favorite tool - FixDisk (...i think...) 1.3, which can recover almost 100% of any lost/overwritten data.
Sorry, but this statement is simple unrealistic. I've been into this "AmigaDOS disk fixing" business since Amiga emulation has been launched, and I know what I'm speaking of!
FixDisk can merely fix incorrect checksums, bad sequence numbers, bad header numbers etc. But if there's, say, a Lamer Exterminator on the disk that wrote that (in)famous "LAMER!LAMER! ..." stuff on one of the data blocks, how do you want to get the data back then? By using magical powers?
(OK, WindowsKiller once had mentioned one special case some time ago where this could be successful, i. e. graphics data. But you cannot *recover* the graphics data; you can merely repair the structure to show the graphics again at all, but it will still be partly corrupted. To get the graphics back to its original state, you will have to fix it by repainting the "corrupt" places )

So the part "recovering of overwritten data" completely escapes me. (Logically, that is.)

Here's the ReadME from this old tool. (v1.2 from Aminet, v1.3 is not available)
As you can read, it doesn't claim of being able to recover overwritten data.
Recovering lost data may (*may*!) be possible though. In general terms, "lost" data represents data on blocks marked as FREE (instead of USED) in the BAM. The data on the FREE blocks must not yet be overwritten meanwhile, otherwise recovery is not possible! (obviously )

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