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For checking disks at the trackdisk level, I recommend SuperDuper 3.13. You can get it from Aminet. It multitasks really well.

SuperDuper is also useful for something similar to the "spin and blow" technique which fiath mentioned. On several of my (original) disks, trying to read them initially gave errors, or at least required retries. After getting SuperDuper to check all tracks a few times, they all seemed to read reliably every time. Of course SuperDuper only understands the Amiga's trackdisk format, not any custom/protected formats used by some games. But you can still get it to check each track. (I guess the disk spinning and head moving causes any dust etc. to be caught in the disk lining.)

To hopefully slow down the rate of deterioration, make sure you store your disks properly. Storing them in a loft/attic or garage is *not* a good idea. They will get very hot in summer, with large daily temperature variations. Damp may be a problem if stored in a garage or cellar (mould is not good for disks). Keep them at room temperature. Fingers crossed, all my originals seem to still be okay.

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