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' "Please read the "Licence Conditions" '

Around this point a sound will play and cause WinUAE to lock up as you described.

There are three possible solutions to the problem,

1. Replace the sound library with an older compatible version, though being that the library is on the actual CD you will need to copy the CD's contents to a temp dir on your HD and install from there. I can't remember the exact name of the library, just that it was responsible for loading or playing the sound.

2. A temporary fix would be to edit the install script and remove line that starts the sound playing.

3. Set the sound emulation to 100%, although i haven't tried this method.

Another thing to make sure of whilst installing, ensure that none of the files on your existing workbench setup are read-only on the windows side, if the installer tries to overwrite these files it will surely crash, if you are using a hardfile and not a virtual directory this shouldn't be a problem.
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