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Small Collection

I finally got round to sorting out my Amiga Games, I got them written down and theres about 400 disks of games and utilities and 35 coverdisk in 12 disk boxes, Heres the games i have that are Boxed. I don't know if i could part with them, But am curious if any of these are rare or worth anyhting?

3D Pool
Aces of The Great War
Aquatic Games Starring James Pond and The Aquabats
Batman The movie
Castle Master
Command carrier version 2
Dragons Breath
Dungeon Master
Escape from Colditz
Eye of the beholder II
F29 Retaliator
Indianapolis 500
International 3D Tennis
Kick Off 2 Plus World Cup 90
Life & Death
Lords of the Rising sun
Lost Patrol
M1 Tank Platoon
Miami Chase
MicroProse Formula One Grand Prix
Midwinter II Flames of Freedom
Mig 29
Monkey Island 2
PowerMonger WW1 Edition
Shufflepuck Cafe still has reciept from 1990 lol
Sim City
Special Forces
Street Fighter II
TV Sports Football
The Tengen Trilogy
World Class Rugby Five Nations Edition
World Series official one day action cricket
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