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I did quite some amiga ASM coding in my days ;-) I would do bob loops and stuff like that in ASM - is there a good amiga C++ compiler which lets you do embedded ASM and easy paramter passing between asm and c++ portions ? And copper lists, etc. Can't wait really, unfortunetly timing stinks and I will need atleast 2-3 months before I can start on miggy version (currently working on mobile version and uni just started too... )

Way of the Hubba - its an IK type game with 4 players that some friends of mine worked on a few years back. The game got almost finished when they stopped working on it. I have got (and posted here) full sources (even with the dev. system they used) + last version in an .adf file. It is quite impressive - nice gameplay and everything. Full gameplay is done, but it is lacking some sort of game selection (number of players, etc.) - not much work, might even be done with Function keys inside the game - the code is all there.

Here is the thread with info/screenshots... if you know of someone who would be able to do something with it to get a nice release out - then do contact me
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