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Originally Posted by 7-Zark-7
Granted,I'll bow to other's knowledge over which Sierra adv. used which game engines',but I'd concur with Andreas in adding at least two more Miggy versions-Leisure Suit Larry II, (& I think III, though even sparser than II if memory served), had sporadic sampled FX that did not feature on the PC version-v. notable in sections like the jungle area after Larry escaped the USS Love tub & washed up on that island. LSL 1, of course just emulated the basic bleeping PC version.
Of course Lsl2 and Lsl3 used sound fx. Neither of them were ported to the IIGS, you know why? Because they're not AGI. They used the SCI interpreter that was considered too advanced for the IIGS (but SQ3 was actually planned for release and it's an SCI game, so apparently SCI games were at first planned for the IIGS as well). Note that KQ4 WAS indeed released for the IIGS, and the most common version is using the SCI engine but the IIGS was the AGI version (was also released for PC, IIRC you can download it from HOTU). In order not to get too confused here, it should be pointed out that the SCI engine went through several versions and the PC versions that has midi sounds only and no sound fx are called SCI0. The ones that use the same graphics but has sound fx as well are called SCI01 and there was actually a few released for PC as well; the KQ1 remake, QFG2 and there are two rare versions of SQ3 and LSL3 that uses sound fx. I think ALL the early SCI games were released as SCI01 on the Amiga. The next stage of the SCI interpreter was called SCI1 and used 256 colours on the PC and 32 on the amiga. Both PC and Amiga versions had sound fx as well.

I am still pretty sure though that the IIGS versions of Sierra's AGI games were the only ones that used sampled sound fx, and a few instruments for the music. Download an IIGS emu and a few Sierra games and check it out. they are completely different audio-wise to other platforms. I love them.
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