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My first home computer was an Apple II+, and I was a real Apple fan for years. The Apple II had some areas where it was better than the C64, and some where it wasn't as good. When the IIGS came out, I really wanted one, but before I could ever convince myself to spend that much money, I popped into a store selling A500's just after they came out, and knew as soon as I had checked them out that the Amiga was the better machine, so I bought one that day. I picked up a IIGS from eBay about a year ago and it's a nice little machine, but its no Amiga. One somewhat interesting thing about it that I think I'd heard before but had forgotten had to do with its construction though. The entire machine can be completely disassembled and reassembled with no tools whatsoever, which made the assembly process very simple. There are no screws anywhere, and everything is done with interlocking tabs and such. I replaced the ROM01 motherboard in mine with a ROM03 motherboard to bring it up to the latest version, and that required taking the whole thing apart and putting it together again, but it was a piece of cake to do.
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