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> Ive just ordered an Amiga 1200 Tower with Mediator etc and OS 3.1 I think.

First question: Do you ordered "plain" A1200T, or "upgraded" (Accelerator/Additional Memory/Cards/etc.) one?

> Can the Amiga play mp3's and avi files,

Of course SHE (^_-) can!

> if so what software do I need to play it all?

Well, there are many various players (some was mentioned above). If you want to see bigger choice, try to find them on any AmiNet mirror (e.g.

> Secondly I have a pc hard disk, just full of mp3s, If I put that in my tower
> would the amiga instantly recognise the disk and the files??

No, unless you have crossdos or FAT95, or other of this kind (try also on AmiNet).
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