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Re: A constructive comment...

[QUOTE]Originally posted by TikTok

> A constructive comment...
Thanks for your response.

> What setup and programs are you using,

I am trying to install OS3.9 from the CD-ROM over a fresh
install of 'Amiga Forever 4.0' w/winUAE 8.8.17r2 in W98 1st ed.

> what exactly are you doing,

In an effort to just get OS3.9 running initially. I Just
copied the entire contents of 'E:\OS-VERSION3.9\WORKBENCH3.9'
over the 'System' folder in
and hoped for the the best
(It seemed a good way to start)

> how far do you get before you receive an error message,
> and what error do you get?

After setting up the config (and turning off jit).
I launch the emulator and get a Workbench screen, with
the error message 'Can't load pictur' ( the background pic).
and *nothing* else.

I have tried the 'Amiga forever' 'startup-sequence' with this
setup aswell, with a similar result.

I have also tried excluding the 'user-startup'.
btw 'Amiga Forever' works fine on my windoze machine.
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