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Push Push Penguin for Amiga

Hey Peeps!

I just finished my entry for the Retro Remakes compo 2004 ( - its a kind of Pengo remake but VERY enahnced (in every aspec - gameplay, graphics, variety, etc.). I did it with a very portable engine so there will be different ports popping out soon and am thinking of Amiga version... I am not sure if it is feasable, since I haven't done any amiga coding in years and this is pure C++ so I don't know it would port over (especially without using hardware sprites but only bobs) ? What do you think ??? Feasable or not ? AGA only or ECS ? Some stuff like transparencies will probably have to go - but thats not a biggy...

here is the download link (it is for windows , around 1.2 Mb big) :

Best regards,
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