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I've uploaded one to the Zone. Aminet readme follows:

Short: UnLZX with new args (68k/PPC/i486)
Author: Oliver Gantert <>
Uploader: Oliver Gantert <>
Version: 2.16 (14.11.2000)
Type: util/arc

This is based on the UnLZX port by David Tritscher <>
changed by <>


I was tired of all those UnLZX ports which depack to the current dir
and don't support pattern-matching for output files.
So I had to do it...

Usage: UnLZX <options>

-v <archive> - view archive contents
-x <archive> - extract archive
-o <path> - depack to path
-p <pattern> - only depack matching files
NEW since 2.06: use Unix-like wildcards (*, ?)

New since the last release

- when viewing an archive, the compression ratio is shown in percent
- when extracting with pattern, only processed files are shown now
- source change, slight speed increase


This archive contains:

(compiled with vbcc 0.7)
UnLZX.000 - 68ooo version
UnLZX.020 - 68o2o/o3o version
UnLZX.040 - 68o4o/o6o version
UnLZX.ELF - PPC / PowerUp version
UnLZX.WOS - PPC / WarpOS version
(compiled with lcc32)
UnLZX.exe - i486 / Win95 version (older, but still working)
src/ - Sources (GPL)
Oliver Gantert, 14.11.2000
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