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Originally posted by Amigaboy
That's true. But that was a tradeoff. Illegality for the scene

It just doesn't seem right to me [/B]
Well sorry, but I see it totally different. Either you have a moral conscience or you don't. The fact that it's illegal is irrelevant (to me). And in some countries, it's not illegal. Does that make it OK to steal in those places since it's not illegal?

Just like so many of the musician friends of mine who still get high. I gave that stuff up some time ago, but it doesn't bother me that they still do (frankly, their drinking worries me more). But that is illegal and I think marijuana laws are stupid. And if I decided to start smoking pot again, the fact that it's illegal would mean nothing to me. Personal freedom is more important.

I'm not defending software piracy. Just debating the illegality aspect.
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