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Npl, I think you'll be disappointed with Dreamwed.....

Shadow of the Beast 2.

2) There are LOTS here..., many game experiences were frozen abruptly when my amiga died..
Alien Breed 2 - Got to the Military building, when it asks for disk 3.... it doesn't work
The Chaos Engine - I got to the last boss many times and could never beat it. That laser balls or whatever it was were TOO Damn fast, I could never get close to the reactors.
Uridium 2 - I don't remember exactly where I stopped playing, but it was very, VERY close to the ending
Elfmania - MAnaged to get 4 circles in a row.... this is the only 1x1 beat'em up EVER which is a BITCH to finish...
Pang - Got very close to the ending. I want to get the Pang collection on PSX, but never found it.
Wizkid - There was always 1 kitten missing to get to the last stage. What really pissed me off is that I had solved EVERY damn puzzle of the game WITHOUT using any walkthrough (Even though I had 2, The ONe published it twice). I KNEW the whole solution for the game but I NEVER managed to do everything right in the SAME game, and then my amiga died...

3)I'll change that to games I WISH I had finished (Except the ones above)
Cannon Fodder - my version was faulty and it didn't save, so I always had to play in one sitting. Level 9 was my better play, very far of finishing it.
Benefactor - I LOVED that game, but I got badly stuck in one level, and well.. got stuck
Disposable Hero - level 5 was my dying point. This game was so cool, and in The One review they said the ending was a good surprise.. I always wanted to get there, but never achieved.. :/
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