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Originally Posted by Dastardly
Which Amiga Games did you almost complete

Cadaver. Got to level 4 (of 5) and I (think) I fell victim to one of the Bitmaps cunning anti piracy tricks. There should have been a door somewhere and there wasnt
That reminds me of Flashback - I .. ehh.. my cat ate the original disks and I had to play with a cracked version - in the last (?) level you had to use a teleporter or sumthing - and it dint work

1. Which Amiga Games were impossible to complete without cheats ?(ultra, mega, very difficult, etc)
Beast 1 & 2 . I couldnt even finish the second one WITH cheats
Biing! - always went broke on the 2nd or 3rd day
Gods - unresponsive controls

2. Which Amiga Games did you almost complete (almost, but not to the end...)
Flashback - see above
Moonstone - either the dragon beaten me or the game crashed.
It came from the desert - never could figure out how you get into the ant-hole

3. Do you want to complete any amiga games in near future?? (on emu or real amiga)

For the not-so-near-future:
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