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Impossible to complete without cheats

Shadown of the Beast I & II
+ Many many of the games I have ever owned

Which Amiga Games did you almost complete

Rainbow Islands - Last Level, end boss. I was never able to figure out a tactic, always got bathed in flames, dammit.
Eye of the Beholder II, one of the last levels, got fed up after walking around an empty level for hours. Couldn't figure out what to do.
Cannon Fodder - got really far, but it just started becoming impossble as far I I could make out.
+ probably a couple more I can't remember.

Do you want to complete any amiga games in near future?

For a long time was Beneath a Steel Sky, but I did that one recently.
Lucus Arts adventures
Eye of the Beholder II (about time a 4th game came out I reckon!)
Dungeon Master
Fire and Ice
Cadaver "Payoff"
+ too many more to list! One day... one day...
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