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1. Which Amiga Games were impossible to complete without cheats ?(ultra, mega, very difficult, etc)

Alien World (HI-Tech) - Ohhh dear! Impossible without cheating.
The Plague - FORGET IT!!!!! Great game but totaly unfair.
R-TYPE (Activision-IREM) The endbosses are the hardest i have ever seen.
Terraway Thomas - Fantastic jump`n`run. But the TIME LIMIT. Gosh!
APACHE FLIGHT (Alternative) - Impossible.

2. Which Amiga Games did you almost complete (almost, but not to the end...)

NARC (OCEAN) a few screens before Mr.BIG

3. Do you want to complete any amiga games in near future?? (on emu or real amiga)

DOOZENS!!! But can`t name a single title. RRRRMPPFFF!
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