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GAMES: 1) impossible to complete, 2) almost completed, 3) you will complete

Hi.I am interested in your opinion about:

1. Which Amiga Games were impossible to complete without cheats ?(ultra, mega, very difficult, etc)

For me:

Shadow of the Beast 1 (brrr - nightmare for me)
Wrath of Demon - (poor control, very dificult)
Fire and Brimstone - (very difficult, traps were everywhere - my record 4th level without cheats).
Kid Chaos (superb game for me - but world 2 - after garden, with speed checkpoints was ultra difficult)

2. Which Amiga Games did you almost complete (almost, but not to the end...)

Swiv (last boss)
Elf (Ocean) - very, very far
Fire and Ice ( I wanted to complete it by one time, from start to the end without codes or level selection)

3. Do you want to complete any amiga games in near future?? (on emu or real amiga)


Traps'n Treasures (great gameplay, and very good levels, weapons, enemies...)
Benefactor (no comments)
Marvin Marvellous Adventure (i like mario clones)
Fire and Ice
Pang, Rainbow Islands (maybe on MAME emu).

Greetings. I am looking forward for Your's opinions and sorry for my english .
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