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Originally Posted by Akira
The thing is people that always talk about "constructive criticism is welcome" is expecting to receive good critics to their stuff, and not the negative bits. Criticism is not pointless, the DVD is aimed, supposedly, at the Amiga scene, and even when I am being part of it, my opinion is not taken into account because I didn't say anything good about it. This is the typical reaction, we had it in another thread with another developer.

At first glance at the "product" I see that it's something that doesn't interest me at all, and if the videos in the page are at least similar to what's in the DVD, I can clearly know what's it about and say "boring".

If you don't find this as constructive criticism, I wouldn't be surprised.
Thanks, Yes, that last post I can take as constructive, sorry if I mis-understood what you were getting at originally. Maybe I was just having a bad day ;-)
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