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Originally Posted by Burseg
If I make something for a customer that he doesn't want, I can't say that -I worked hard- as an excuse, because is he doesn't like it, it's all that matters. The case isn't exactly the same perhaps but working hard on something means nothing, not working hard means something in a negative sense but working hard is an obligation in the first place. I find the idea pointless, it's irrelevant to how hard the product is worked on or how "good" it is.
@Burseg and Thread in general

I agree, that you should not buy a product just because of it's label or branding. What I do object to is comments without even seeing the product.

If after seeing the work, someone has an opinion, whether good OR bad, then I can respect that, it is difficult to respect a point of view about the quality of a product from someone who has not even seen it.

The only reason that I ended up here was the fact that I do care about the quality of the work that I produce, and was looking for comments on how to do things better in the future :-)

Yes, some people will find the content boring if you are not into that sort of thing, but we live in a world of choice so if that's what people want, who are we to argue ?

If it's crap, tell me HOW it's crap :-) I am NOT looking for people to tell me that it is the best thing since sliced bread, that's no use either, but CONSTRUCTIVE Critism is ALWAYS welcome.

The amount of work that several people have put into this project should have something to do with quality, although that is not the only factor, it show it is not just a rushed together product, which is why it all takes time. But yes, that is not a reason in itself to puchase something.

Oh well I've probably waffled on far too much already,
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