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Sorry if I hurt your feelings, but I have to agree with Burseg. I know it took you your time and all, your work is worth something, but this is has the excitement level of Trainspotting and I don't think buying it "helps the Amiga". If I buy your product, I encourage people (you or others) to keep releasing products of this sort and of this quality level. This certainly doesn't help the Amiga.

sorry, this is in my opinion the state of teh scene, sub-standard products are released and for the sake of "supporting the Amiga" anybody buys whatever crap thrown their way.

I know that you never know who might be reading, this doesn't change my opinion about this "product", it's not like I will now say "OMG sorry I didn't mean it!"

Just want to point out that it's dangerous to put a "product" label on whatever...
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