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That emulator has been updated twice since the first post!

UAE4ALL 24-09-2004 - UAE4ALL, the port of the Amiga emulator UAE to the Dreamcast has been updated again. Here's what's new:

- Virtual Keyboard.
- Complete Menu: selects frameskip, throttle and sound...
- Change disk without reset.
- Joystick problem fixed.
- Mouse buttons problem fixed.


- Speed up.
- Error handling.
- Add Options Menus.
- Clean sound.

UAE4ALL 23-09-2004 - Chui has updated his port of the Amiga emulator, UAE to the Dreamcast. Here's what's new:

- Amiga500 with 1MB RAM.
- Frameskip1 (very close to real speed).
- Preliminar Menu System like DCaSTaway.
- Filemanager (load and reload floppy images).
- Sound (not crystal and slow a bit).


- Virtual Keyboard.
- Speed up.
- Complete Menus.
- Crystal sound.

Nice to know hes going to work on speeding it up
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