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Not an easy one. The decision is for me between "Shadow Of The Beast" and "Lionheart". I love both games. "Shadow Of The Beast" has a great soundtrack and a lot of great effects. A major drawback for me are the enemies. Not all, but there are a lot which have too few colors or just look stupid which doesn't fit in the rest of the game for me. I always found it relatively difficult and there are places in which you could get stuck. That was sometimes annoying for me.

Lionheart on the other side also has great graphics but it doesn't create such a great atmosphere as SOTB. The music is good, but not as good the music from SOTB which is amazing. However the difficultlevel is ok and it was longlasting fun for me.

It would be a draw between Lionheart and SOTB, but the memories make SOTB the winner for me .
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