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Originally Posted by Akira
Difficult to know unless you mention what software you have installed or uninstalled ever since the slowdowns have appeared.
Problem is that i don;t install any vital system part. I was mainly upgrading libraries. But as i wrote before, i was trying to find which lib is responsible for slowdowns - without success.

BTW: I forgot to mention that also AmiGIft begin to stop working... i don't know why. I try to "snoop" with snoopdos. Log is:

L.p. Nazwa procesu Funkcja Nazwa obiektu Opcje Rez.
---- ------------- ------- ------------- ----- ----
1 [6] ToolsDaemon ChangeDir Uzytki:Narzedzia/Internet/A
2 [6] ToolsDaemon ChangeDir Uzytki:Narzedzia/Internet/A
3 [6] ToolsDaemon ToolType TOOLPRI Bîâd
4 [6] ToolsDaemon NewLoad giFTMui Ok
5 [6] ToolsDaemon ChangeDir Uzytki:Narzedzia/Internet/A
6 [6] ToolsDaemon ChangeDir System:WBStartup
7 giFTMui ChangeDir Uzytki:Narzedzia/Internet/A
8 giFTMui Open PROGDIR:Catalogs/polski/giF Odczyt Bîâd
9 giFTMui Open LOCALE:Catalogs/polski/giFT Odczyt Bîâd
10 giFTMui ChangeDir SYS:
this is polish localized, so short vocabulary:

nazwa procesu = process name
funkcja = function
nazwa obiektu = object name
opcje = options
bîâd = error

As you see, there are only errors in polish locale files...
but program was working before without it! What is going on?
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