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Each disk might have a checksum of its own as well, explaining Amigaboy's situation. Toni? :P

Now the question is, what if I do this (will try it at home, homework. DUH! hold on, I have no extra disk drive ):

- Insert in df0: disk named 'Bozo'
- Insert in df1: disk named 'Bozo'
- open a new Shell
- type 'Bozo:'

Where would it go? I'd say df0: since it's the drive with the highest task priority?

I will makea disk today named 'Work' and see what happens when I do 'Work:'... I'd say it will switch to df0: because it has a priority of 5 and my work partition has a priority of -128

I'm running 2.04 btw.

Heh, this is a nice exercise andreas
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