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I'll just say one thing...

Originally posted by Shadowfire
[...]Like most people, I had disks of pirated games. Around 800, to be exact.[...]In fact, with a straight boot off of 2.04, there were a grand total of around FIVE games, out of about 800 disks, which worked on the new machine.
HERE lies your problem, in PIRATED software. the cracktros fucked up teh aems for yoru new OS. I know because I am a 2.04 user, and back then, a lot of games didnt work. I thought teh GAMES were shite, but when I started nabbing originals I found out that most of them worked while their pirate counterparts didn't.

So blame lame cracker programming techniques, not the game programmers.

If I knew then the ammount of stuff Codetapper knows, I could have fixed the games removing those fuckingcracktros

Ì agree with what Twistin and maverick say. PErsonally that's why for my modern gaming I consider consoles and not PCs. They still have this thing about not being able to patch shit, so the products they churn out for consoles (except PC shovelware shite like Quake perhaps), have a greater quality than what you can expect from a PC game.

Back then games were delayed months and months until they got'em right, and SELDOM you saw an update disk released! Now they just shovel what they got to you to meet financial deadlines, and then patch teh games ad-infinitum.

I spend my monthly cash on console games and not on PC games, ever.

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