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I want an A1000

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In defence of Blood Money

What's more, the thing I really like about it was it's slow, hypnotizing pace.
The scrolling might have been slow but the gameplay wasn't. (Not 2 mention the 2-player mode) I guess DMA thought that Menace didn't quite cut it for them (not half as bad as review suggests), and slowed Blood Money down, a touch of genius and a shy prelude to Lemmings! With the hostile collission detection (but never unfair) you had to be extra careful every second. Needless to say, I totally disagree with the review. (Co-owned by Akira, how Berlusconi is THAT ?? ) . The in-game music can go on and on forever, I never get tired of it. Sure, that's just me though.
Anyway, this was a high-profile Psygnosis release, at their peak then. Blood
Money was sth. like S.O.T.Beast with gameplay, I can never defend it enough.
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