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Originally Posted by Akira
I beg to differ, Blood Money is SO 8-Bit that it hurts. The formula doesn't really work well (changing directions in shmups has never proved to be done well, or worth to be done)... Horizontal shmups are the FEW if you happen to investigate a little about the subject....
Don't take my word for it, go to , check the xenocide files, and compare the number of vertical shooters to the number of horizontal shooters .... Can you say Ikaruga is "8-Bit flavoured" because it's vertical? :P...
But, if anything it's the multi-direction scrolling (so well done that in those huge levels it seemed random) that gives this shooter some originality, a rare thing in shmups. Also, free multi-direction is one of the components that made Turrican a legend, not quite a shmup but not far from it. And hey I never said there are more horizontals than verts. just that I like 'em more.
Come on Akira, Ikaruga is not retrogaming...
As for verticals, Arkanoid was brilliant !
Ok, I loved Hybris and Wings of Death.
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