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Originally Posted by wanderer
Come on, Battle Squadron !!???? It's a Skoda compared to the Ferrari-Blood Money, and speed has nothing to do with it. At least plasmatron you have to agree that vertical shooters are 8-bit, ancient coin-op flavoured, while horizontal
I beg to differ, Blood Money is SO 8-Bit that it hurts. The formula doesn't really work well (changing directions in shmups has never proved to be done well, or worth to be done), and I think the only interesting thing about the game is the intro mod with all those speech samples. The rest is standard. Battle Squadron is much better technically, the game pace is much more fierce, and gameplay is much more enjoyable.

The first shmups might have been vertical scrollers, but so were the first horizontal shmups, this has NOTHING to do with 8 or 16 bits (the 16 bit era brought a great leap for vertical shmups). Horizontal shmups are the FEW if you happen to investigate a little about the subject.,

Don't take my word for it, go to , check the xenocide files, and compare the number of vertical shooters to the number of horizontal shooters.

Can you say Ikaruga is "8-Bit flavoured" because it's vertical? :P
Originally Posted by Mrukk
thers that I could easily have picked would have been It Came From The Desert, Silkworm, Rainbow Islands, Indy, North & South, Sim City, Maniac Mansion, Future Wars, Xenon II etc. Damn it's tough!
Rainbow Islands, SimCity and Maniac Mansion were conversions. Maybe some of the others you mentioned were conversions as well (north&south? future wars?)
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