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I think the same than Twistin'Ghost.
The pc have a lot of memory, power, ect... but the game on it is not very fun if you compare it to an Amiga game.
Now, all games are on cd-rom with hundred mega of video, but this is not the video that make a game interesting to play.

The most important in a game is the good programming code/gameplay/fun, and i must say that today rules of software houses is selling games that are full of bugs, the gamer have just to accept it because they have not others choice than accept it.

And after have buy a game you must wait months to get a patch of xx megas to correct some bugs (if any come out because some software house never correct the bugs).
You must then have the original cd-rom game + a cd-r with the patch for each game that you have buy.
No one game that are sold today don't need a patch.
All games have >2.5 Mega (of compressed datas) of patch.
This is what i call 'legal swindle'.

Now the rules are: you pay a lot of money for broken game and if we have time, we will repair it later.

Maybee with the Amiga games (or any old school game for any old computer/consoles), there whas not working on all computers of an company, but there where optimized at the max, and with very little power/memory/hardware the programmers made games that are wonderfull of playability/fun/stability.:bounce

Today, no one software company programm a game like 'Mr-Do', Dungeon master, or cinemaWare games, because there is no enough difficulty to program it (it is not like a 3D quake that require an high level of mathematics knowledge) to say excuse the bugs in it.

By chance, there is possibility to play with old school game (through emulation) that contains none of bugs, that are not bugged to death, that require very low power/ram, that are very fun to play today 20 years after.:bounce

I buy regularly a modern pc-game (1-2 games per month) and i am allways disappointed because the replayability is poor, there are all bugged and need patched, you cannot make a legal cd-rom backup, and the fun is very short time (for example Civilisation is a game that i like a lot, i have the number 1, 2-ctp1, 2-ctp2) the 2-ctp1 is bugged and sometime crash and return to Win9x and there is stupid rules/programming code that an ennemi can kill your latest 'super hi-tech leviathan' with a stupid 'stone-age warrior, with 2-ctp2 same stupid rules for combat but the game interface is very stupid (low/poor/none information about the selected unit or very complicated and boring interface) and civilisation ctp-2 is a game of 1999. :kill

Don't say that games for pc is good programmed or is perfect because they are far of it.
They are all pieces of shit made from big software house that just want make more money and not a piece of art like the old school programmers.
They uses HLL software not for the good optimized software code, but only because they fast to use and easily converted to another computer/OS.

This is not what i have learned in programming (self-made learning with very good 'old school' programming books !).

Software house today don't want make you happy, they want all you money, every cent, and give nothing back.
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