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So many experiences - each game in it's own has been an experience - even the crap that's been reset as virtually as soon as it has finished loading...

Specific memories in no particular order are:

Dungeon Master - when I put the bones in the Alter of Rebirth (I was young then and wasn't entirely sure what it meant) and the guy came back alive! Never could get far in that game without getting owned by something but once I learnt this the game was over!

Bloodwych - first real character interaction - being able to make them stand around and view what was happening was great for solving puzzles.

Shadow of the Beast - the intro was amazing - the game was unfortunately only so-so - at the time it was the best audio/visual I had ever seen in a game...

Treasure Island Dizzy - this sticks out because it was the first one I played - on the Amiga as well - it was so hard at times and frustrating but I've played everyone since... completing most on the C64..

Turrican 1 and 2 - this is how platformers should be - unfortunately Turrican 3 was shockingly bad - but these two - wow - the music the sfx and graphics were awesome...

Spellbound - first played this on the C64 and I suppose it was my first go at Arcade Adventure - was solid in places and to this day I have never completed it (time to get it out again I think) great hookability and lots of ways to potentially solve a problem..

Ghosts n Goblins / Ghouls n Ghosts - these are just great - the music and atmospheric sfx are brilliant - first playing this in the arcade made me get a spectrum and then C64 just to play this...

Feud - only worth playing on the MSX - the music was great and many a night was spent at a mates house trying to play this...

Elite 2: Frontier - I did enjoy Elite but this was a great step forward - I managed to keep a clean rating and get to Dangerous before my copy died - some great moments in it and one game I'm definately going to play again very soon...

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