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Super Stardust - Because it was fast action and it reminded me of the old game Asteroids. Music suited the game too.

Flashback - Fantastic Animation, great design, excellent gameplay. The animation stands out for me....especially the use of the gun.

Turrican Series - Influenced many people to write music for the Amiga. I couldn't believe what I was hearing!!

Shadow of the Beast - 128 Colours Onscreen, 16 layers of Parallax Scrolling - Impressive, yes!! Great Music too....Gameplay....?? well...

Sensible World of Socccer - The finest 2D football game. Essential. Sensi did it, and should feel proud of it. Still excellent even now!!

AD&D Gold Box - Influential RPG games, Popular in their time. I felt disappointed when they stopped doing them as they kind of grew on you over time.

Prince of Persia - For it's motion capture abilities....First one to try it. I remember seeing the pictures of the person doing the motions for this game. I think it was his brother doing the moves...interesting. Excellent gameplay to match.

UFO Enemy Unknown - Actually played this one more than Laser Squad. Laser Squad was also a fine game, first of it's type....But I'm going to say UFO. The idea of having a squad based team and never knowing what was coming at you gave me a thrill!! They are firing at us commander!! so many situations which were funny.

Civilisation - Especially if you have a hard disk...Essential game with fantastic long term appeal. Played it for 8 months....Did that Settler just kill my Battleship?

Elite - Great classical piece of music....essential had soooo much depth. Played it for 6 months at least.

Formula 1 Grand Prix - I actually set the Laps to 100% for this game. I was racing over 50 to 100 Laps!! It was great fun, and for the essential game if you liked Formula 1.

Games graphics were influential for me too....seeing the differences from The Bitmap Brothers metallic Psygnosis graphics (Agony, Killing Game Show, Shadow of the Beast Series)... Most companies had a varied style of graphics..Hewson (Eliminator, Cybernoid etc..)

Something else which influenced me were the Psygnosis Intro Sequences....they were amazing for their time....enjoyed watching them time and time again...Anyone remember Killing Game Show? Nitro? Shadow of the Beast II? Awesome? etc... Best Intro? Well that's another topic!!

Other game influences:

Gauntlet I/II (Arcade) - First Four player Multiplayer...Fantastic!!
Final Fight (Arcade) - It actually felt good..
Dungeon Master (AtariST) - Depth of was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!
Street Fighter II (Arcade) - A Good 3 years of my life.
Doom (All Formats) - Released on so many formats!! So many levels, mods etc..Very influential game, probably the most influential.

Soul Calibur (DC) - I was blown away when I saw this. I won a competition with this game, and with Virtua Tennis. Memories....

Super Mario World (SNES) - It kept me entertained for three weeks....then...realised that I missed all the 96 levels....had to start again to find them!!

F-Zero (SNES) - I didn't buy the lunch I was in Boots Superstore and I played it for THREE hours in the store!!! I didn't go back to Uni ..

Mario64 (N64) - To actually see Mario in 3DDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!! WOW!!! It worked too!!! Great end sequence.

Dungeon Keeper (PC) - I loved the Intro sequence!!!!! completed it too.

Max Payne (PC) - I thought PC games were getting worse.....then I played this game.

Afterburner (Arcade) - for being so intense....I nearly broke the joystick....but finished it..The woman at the cash counter thought I was funny because I was dancing when I was playing the game!!! Did you see the controller for this game!!!!!!

Dragon's Lair (Arcade) - Not for the gameplay, more for the graphic quality. It was an interactive disney film, and it looked A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I remember my father saying to me..put 30 pence into the machine..I did then...the story of a legendary knight's tale unfolded....I was standing on a ledge platform and the ledge was getting shorter and shorter. The ropes were burning and I had to make it across to the other side. I lost all my lives in 1 minute of playing...but WOW were those graphics good. I did finish Dragon's Lair II, but never the first one. I actually watched somebody finish the first one....fighting the Dragon at the end!! Having to press Sword twice to complete..clever trick by Don Bluth.

Pac-Man (VCS) - The fun you could have with the ghosts!! dance rings around them. I loved the way pac-man got faster as the game got harder...Ah..PRETZEL...gotta have it...gotta have it..the feeling of wanting was so intense..must have that prize!! They always had a Pac-man machine at the Arcade..10p a go!!

Operation Wolf (Arcade) - I mean....I could use a gun to shoot people!!

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Arcade) - I cannot really say why but I remember the films and had the mine cart sequence!! Probably the first movie tie-in game I enjoyed!! Of Course their was Raiders....but...damn
I hated digging for that treasure!! It drove me crazy damn VCS!!

They were part of my life...their are other games too...but these spring to mind..


- Hillsy.

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